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Privacy Shield: Data Protection Commissioners break out a six-pack

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And don't forget the Microsoft case, with MS putting up the good fight.

The US Justice Department wanted them to hand over data from their Irish data center.

MS refused, saying it was on foreign territory and the data center was run and owned by a non-US company (MS Ireland) and they should go through proper channels and ask the Irish police to obtain the information for them, as per existing international agreements.

USDJ came back with the rebuttal, ah, but America!

MS, no, Ireland.

USDJ threw its toys out the pram and claimed that MS inc. is American, therefore MS Ireland is also American, hand over the data!

MS and the Irish DPC both said no to that (although the DPC needed a lot of prodding with a big stick, before it woke up and noticed what was happening under its nose).

Now MS is in contempt of court in the USA.

At the end of the day, if they don't hand over the data, MS Inc. will be acting illegally and the execs could face time in chokey. If MS Inc. capitulates, then MS Ireland will be acting illegally and the execs could face time in chokey.

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