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EMC's hardware 'quantum leap' is more of a brisk catchup stroll

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The big thing is: VBLOCK, VSPEX, VXRAIL, VSPEX BLUE, VRACK, VSAN, EVO:RAIL, EVO:RACK, EVO:SDDC... and so many things thrown at the market at once...makes it is impossible to choose. Not because of how to make sense of which option for which use case (although it will be a funny thing to watch too) but MOSTLY because anyone knowing EMC's ... I mean who on Earth believes all those things will still be around in 3 years?

How do you pick something out of this for your business to depend on, and not be afraid its dead in 2 years. I mean EVO:RACK didn't even come out, and EVO:RAIL was the most important thing ... until yesterday!

Make your bets!

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