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Are you a Salesforce or an Uber? Choose wisely, devs

Electron Shepherd

DevOps is like the fire safety procedures in any office. You won't need a fire extinguisher or an evacuation plan every day but they are there because when there is a fire having them is incredibly helpful

An interesting analogy, since the key point of an evacuation plan is to get everyone out of the way, and let the professionals, who are trained to deal with the emergency situation, come in and work unimpeded.

Every office I know has a policy of "if there's a fire, hit the fire alarm button and get out. Don't try to tackle the fire yourself". Partly that's the lawyers and health and safety getting involved, but partly it's because unless you know what you're doing, an amateur tackling a fire can make things worse (there's certain types of extinguisher for certain types of fire - get it wrong and you make matters worse).

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