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Walk before you can Run

For centuries new "technologies" have been the preserve of the wealthy in their early days only to become everyday essentials and almost a human right.

Transport is the best example I can think of. Carriage and horses were initially only for the wealthy who could afford to keep their own horses. Eventually hackney cabs came long and the general public could share in the occasional luxury journey, only to be replaced by buses, trains and cars that almost everyone can afford. The money laid the roads ultimately benefiting everyone.

And so it was with mobile networks in the UK. Rich City wankers paid hundreds of pounds per month to build the core highways and services we now all share neutrality on.

Net neutrality is a fine principle, but somebody has to pay for it. Walk before you can run. Let Facebook pay to build the network THEN enforce neutrality. It's worked for centuries, Adam Smith noted it, it's not perfect, but it keeps the momentum of development.

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