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I think thats the whole point of DevOps. To get devs to be part of ops and not a "throw it over the wall" mentality.

When devs have to think about deployments, updates, failover, load balancing etc etc the software they produce is quite different and much more ops friendly.

The definition of DevOps is a tough one though as there seems to be multiple versions. here is the flow.

1. Before DevOps - Dev and Ops and two separate entities, little if any collaboration (imagine as two circles not overlapping)

2. DevOps version1 - Dev and Ops working more closely and actively trying to improve the process. i.e collaboration. (imagine as two circles with a 20% overlap)

2. DevOps version2 - Dev and Ops in one multifunctional team but with clear distinct defined roles. (imagine as two circles with 80% overlap)

3. DevOps version3 - Dev and Ops are the responsibility of the same team which are essentially developers with more ops responsibility. Or you could call them Ops who also develop. (Image as either 2 circles with 100% overlap or one circle) This means the one team have full control and responsibility over the software. Doing things like using new tools etc can be done much more quickly and apps that are painful to deploy or maintain are changed quickly as its you that are affected by it.

We have some apps that are pre DevOps some apps that are version1 and some that are version3.

Also this is just my take on the whole thing so I may be wrong :)

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