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DevOps is bollocks

The problem is our dickhead CIOs lap up the rhetoric spouted by this twat and his ilk...

The real problem with "DevOps" is that it empowers developers who are - to be blunt - not engineers. They know how to code in a few fancy high-level frameworks, but things like security, reliability, resilience, performance, backups, DR, business continuity - they all get forgotten. Until it's in "production" having bypassed the traditional checks and balances, and then good old Ops/SysAdmins have to pick up the fucking pieces and actually make it work to an acceptable standard.

Additionally, if it's running on public cloud, the Devs' answer to performance issues is to just say "oh, throw more resource at it, it's designed to scale horizontally on public cloud", and you then point out that at the resource levels they require (because they can't interpret AWS instance sizing and pricing models properly), the product will be horrifically loss-making, and the company will be bankrupt in 6 months... And then the bastards have the cheek to call you and your colleagues "negative", rather than realists...

TL;DR - most Devs aren't competent enough to be trusted with "DevOps"

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