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"Windows and M$ are finished."

I'm sure this unbridled optimism has appeared in the comments section of pretty much every Windows article in El Reg since comments began. Microsoft's share price is currently at it's highest point since 2000, and the second highest point ever, so you may want to factor that into your thinking.

"No state should use Windows and pay for being spied on and finally - dictators first - are learning this lesson."

Microsoft's approach to Windows is far from ideal, and yes, there are the same concerns over privacy we're seeing with all the major players. Still, instead you're celebrating Putin commandeering the arguably world's greatest open source project and perverting it? If you seriously think he's going to be a good software citizen, you are delusional.

"Let's hope it's finished soon so we can bury and forget it like a bad taste in your mouth."

You might want to invest in some mouthwash for the short and medium term at least. Sure, there are examples of desktop adoption in public bodies governments and schools; with one obvious exception I'm prepared to bet you a tenner that the number of companies in say, the FTSE 500 using Linux as a standard desktop is zero or in the very low single digits.

Things have improved over the years, but every time I hear people evangelise for Linux on the mainstream desktop, suggestions for how companies will crowbar it into compatibility with existing, sometimes legacy and invariably Windows-orientated architectures are conspicuously absent, because having to address reality bursts the bubble every time.

Companies invest large sums of money in infrastructure and line of business applications and invariably seek to squeeze as long a service life as they can from those products; for better or worse Microsoft products are in with the foundations. It will take a lot more than wishful thinking to change that.

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