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I like Linux

You're not required to use it, you can use whatever you want. I get fed up after a long day of battling Windows OS and Office issues, errors like "Something went wrong", "Your PC can perform better", the infuriating network diagnostics that come up whenever you mistype a share name, the way Windows must always display big, blocky icons in your printers and network shares view, regardless of what settings you want to use, the constant marketing in Windows 8 and 10, etc. Plug a mouse into a Windows box and "Installing device driver" grinds away for minutes. Plug one into a Linux box and it just works. Same with a flash drive. And Linux isn't constantly trying to be convenient at the cost of usability.

It's nice to come home, kick off my shoes, and boot up an OS that just works with no nagging or hand holding. When it updates itself, it's not a long grind of installing updates, rebooting, maybe rebooting again, and possibly "reverting changes". True, Windows has some brilliant integration, such as SharePoint, Active Directory permissions, etc. (when they work) But by and large with every new release, it feels more gimmicky and less polished. Maybe Windows is just a child of the corporate blight of pushing deadlines, playing "CYA", and miscommunication, but it doesn't seem to be improving.

Linux has some ways to go yet to be ready for many corporate environs. Windows' central management features such as group policies and AD are really kind of brilliant. But with every new release of Win and Office, I think the frustration level of users and IT folks is pushing us a little closer to the year of the Linux desktop.

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