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Because the mirrors are allowed to mirror a US headquartered site, so the US based company is breaking the sanctions and the executives can be prosecuted for wilful infringement or accessories after the fact.

The legal reality is that the USA has open source distro and any software company over a barrel. Hence my belief that it would be better to move the HQ's out of the USA and for there to be an enterprise level support system in place outside of the jurisdiction.

It's nigh on impossible to stop software distribution but the USA now has leverage over the distros and software companies, and as yet there has not been an example of a single company to provide overall linux support that is not based in the USA. In this thread no company has been found despite the international knowledge base.

So the Russians are going to adopt Linux for government use, I'd have thought that any cyrillic based entrepreneurs would be jumping for joy as they'll be support contracts up for grabs. Wish I were one, instead of getting thumbed down for pointing out the obvious.

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