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We live in a world where the great firewall exists, but the USA doesn't need to implement such draconian measures, merely issue an injunction against the companies based there within to not export, they only require one ip address to prosecute. There is no need to go after Russia, only the companies based in the US.

IIRC the sanctions against Iran and Cuba held without lifting an electronic finger. Yes, I am aware that there is "smuggling", but the American administration showed that it was willing to shoot itself in the foot when it banned Xeon's to China and gave them a reason to build their own fabs and upgrade Tianhe.

And quite frankly I'm in favour of moving the software out of the USA and having non-USA based companies providing enterprise level support because that's what is needed when a government shifts to Linux, and these multiple thumbs down my posts are receiving do not address that this is a reality and by being headquartered in the USA, open source is subject to sanctions and limited in its ability to provision enterprise level support.

I'm hoping the actions of the USA will move the HQ's outside of her borders and spawn support in countries like the Ukraine that have no end of talented programmers.

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