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Offers? Opera's board likes Qihoo, says shareholders should too

Ammendiable to persuasion..

There is probably another reason they want Opera.. They don't care about the browser.

Check out Opera Max in the Android store..

It is essentially a man-in-the-middle interception of all unencrypted internet communications on your device.

Comms are funneled through Operas servers and compression ensues. They can also reduce some encrypted comms by informing the server site (such as YouTube) that less bandwidth is available.

They *sell* the free app on it's ability to compress your communications so you can listen to more music and watch more videos.

Because, all unencrypted comms go through their servers; you can turn OFF networking on an App by App basis.

Because it does this, and a rather slick control panel, you can immediately see what apps are chatting in the background. No device root needed. Very slick.

You also get a free VPN so, even if you are on public Wi-Fi no one can snoop on your comms. (I'm assuming Opera is not stupid and is encrypting their data stream between your phone and their servers of only for protecting their revenue stream from attacks such as ad replacement.)

It is a well behaved app, and does not have the ability to start on device boot, and every time you start it, you get a legal notice asking your permission to add it's certificate to your device.

..interesting that it's not available for tablets..

I did notice on reading the legalese on installation, that all of it's servers for this behavior are US based.. not in the Netherlands. <grimace>

They also have a proper business strategy in selling the collected information to the phone carriers. They are also getting the app pre-installed on phones now including Samsung.

Unfortunately it would be quite trivial to change the programs behavior to launch on device boot, and doing a proper man-in-the-middle attack (such as Apple recently found in their Apple Store for some ad blocking apps) on even encrypted communications.

I'm already rather uncomfortable with the servers being here in the US rather than in the Netherlands where data rights are a bit more stringent (I'm guessing it varies for each country), but if a Chinese company owned the servers.. Well..

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