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Storage has always been a hard place to make a living

Especially for startups. It's one of the first places that enterprises look to cut costs, and one of the last places they're willing to experiment. And it has become a crowded space. The folks at Coho are great, but I could say the same about a dozen other startups of the same vintage. They can't all succeed. In a way, this is a side effect of lowering the barrier to entry. Now that scale-out software on top of commodity hardware (even if it has a fancy faceplate) is more competitive with specialized hardware, it seems like everybody and their brother has a storage startup with a new take on where the "real" storage problems are and how to solve them. Some of those ideas are truly new, and truly great. Some aren't. The problem is that it's hard to tell which is which, so when the lifeboat's too crowded and companies start getting thrown overboard it's not always the ones who should have been. Sadly, technical merit and business value don't usually count as much as cozy relationships with investors, analysts, journalists, and (just once in a while) "whale" customers.

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