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Time to put your big boy pants on and show sustaianable profit!

With the IPO window slammed shut and the previously free flowing VC faucet now on a slow drip (with lower valuations and only if you give them preferred shares over employee options) the days of growth at all costs are over. Actifio made a difficult but smart decision to focus on cash flow and profitability for the immediate future to be a self-sustaining company. Other more recent start-ups will be in dire-straits as they burn tons of cash to try to develop a product and build out a field and support organization. This bubble is bursting and it will happen fast. It is unfortunate since most of the innovation in the storage industry comes from start-ups but this innovation cycle has run it’s course. Prepare for a wave of acquisitions for the lucky few that are in the black or have a very unique offering and a round of layoffs and bankruptcy's for the rest in red. Like it or not the party’s over for start ups and only the profitable will survive.

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