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For instance, one design I did back in the late 70s used an RCA processor which normally ticked over at about 10kHz waiting for keypad input. When it sensed a key it went to 2MHz until processing was complete. The whole unit ran for weeks off 3 C cells.

The RCA1802? Great chip. The original low power micro. Got used in all sorts of things - cruise missiles (where I think they did an entire terrain following radar guidance system on it, which would have been a monumental achievement), British Telecom payphones used them.

Another thing I miss is 4000 series CMOS logic. Want to run it off 24V? No problems. Fiddly to use (don't dare leave an input undefined), not fast, but great power consumption and good noise immunity. I don't think the 1802 went quite that high, but it was good noise immunity that made is suitable for amateur satellites back in the 1970s.

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