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Picking apart the circuits in the ARM1 – the ancestor of your smartphone's brain


And the 8086 was designed to make porting code from the 8080 relatively straight forwards. So all the applications (Wordstar dBase, etc.) that ran on CP/M were quickly ported to CP/M-86 and MS-DOS/PC-DOS computers.

For some reason the software on the Archimedes seemed to before much more advanced than that for Win/x86 machines. E.g. ImageFS - open an image file as a folder and drag and drop multiple alternate formats that seem to be present inside, SparkFS - another installed file system that mad Zip archives behave like folders, Artworks - real time updates of graduated fills as you dragged a pointer around the screen, Techwriter - takes too much description but people seeing how it works would invariably get angry saying "why doesn't my computer do that!"

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