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"BTnet leased lines (fibre to the prem) at two of my sites in South Manchester both lost connectivity to various destinations, while other destinations were fine.

DNS lookups were OK, using BT's resolvers as it happens, but there was no working route to the problematic destinations."

Thank you. That's quite possibly the single most enlightening bit of "reporting" I've seen so far:

1) The failures were not confined to BT Retail's broadband customers

2) The failures were not simple DNS failures

3) The failures included loss of routing to some networks, as well as loss of servers/services

It's almost as though somebody backhoe'd (or DevOps equivalent) one of BT's internal backbone circuits, which was carrying multiple classes of traffic on behalf of multiple classes of BT user (internal and external), and multiple classes of failover either didn't exist or didn't work as planned.

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