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Google licks its lips at sight of Qualcomm's 64-bit server ARM chips


"Intel and Microsoft need to look out"

No they don't, and especially not Microsoft who is aiming to be a cloud vendor rather than a software vendor and could add these chips anyway. Apps will have to be rewritten to work in this way, and the vast majority of business apps don't work this way. These are squarely aimed at the micro-services crowd, and that has a quite specific market right now. While many agree that micro-services are a good thing going forward, the amount of work makes it prohibitive for a lot of existing code to be moved. Also, the reality is that most apps don't need the availability or scalability of the architecture so the justification may not be there.

What might well happen, is all that software is gradually replaced by clever startup SaaS providers who do use micro-services. We've seen this happen in various areas (O365, Xero, Concur, Salesforce) where the incumbents have been so slow to adapt that a new player has taken the market overnight.

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