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BT blames 'faulty router' for mega outage. Did they try turning it off and on again?


Word on the street...

Word on the street is that BT are at least not wholly to blame for the problem.

It appears that the problems begun when a maintenance johnny at a swish new place somewhere to the east of the City was trying to fix something up and hammered a 6 inch nail into a wall severing a cable. This took down the BT Home Hub that was powering the outfit's customer support operation. When the hub crashed it somehow fed back into BT's systems and the rest is history.

Apparently replacing the damaged cable was a simple operation but it took the outfit a while to locate the appropriate pallet of spares in the stores and unpack it. When this was finally accomplished the Home Hub happily rebooted itself and the system started to recover.

When asked why he had used a 6 inch nail Maintenance replied "Why ever not - we bought a pallet of the buggers and we've got plenty."

It's not officially confirmed what exactly he was trying to fix up but it's been suggested that it was some sort of new sign for their swanky new hospitality suite which had only recently been delivered.

So now we know. Cockup not conspiracy. And apparently the sign was delivered by the front door. At ease. Remove tinfoil hats. Move along, please - nothing to see here. Normal service - next outage will be along shortly.

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