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There is no free lunch

Suppose it is 1995 again, somebody knocks at the door, trying to sell you a device which can:

- Replace all the Michelin maps which always created heated discussions with the spouse on holidays

- Offers access to millions of little program makers with TV programs ranging from raising parrots to repairing BMW M54 engines, and everything else one can think of

- Offers an interactive search which can find all the information in the world

The cheapest device on offer costs $200, the most expensive $600. Probably, nobody would have bought the device, some would even have called the police or the hospital to have that sales man admitted in the nuthouse.

It was google, and google only who had this vision and made it happen. Everybody else was too busy milking decades old cows like OS licenses, over prized alu cased Intel pc's and what more, but not with innovation. So yes, innovators often create a monopoly because they are far ahead of competition. And google is different, we do not have to pay google hundreds of dollars up front, we just lend google content and time. Google also does not use technology which is patented, intended keep out competition. Yes, ads are annoying, so are tax bills. Watching the occasional ad seems a small prize to pay for all the great changes they brought.

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