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Frank Rysanek

Would love to hear some context...

How big is the organisation being thus treated? How many in-house IT staff (before the layoffs), how many staff total, how many students? What does university IT mean nowadays, exactly? In the old days, it was a few computer "labs" (a couple dozen desktop PC's networked in a room), some file servers, some printing... The school I went to had a nice in-house client/server app keeping track of the students, lectures, allocation of seats in the courses to students... coded and supervised by a single guy. That was in the second half of nineties. I am told that much of the in-house DB software (then native MS-DOS apps) was later ported to web-based environment. I can imagine that a big enough university might appreciate something like an ERP business package... And then some departments might manage servers of their own, for special apps, HPC and whatnot. Technical schools are likely to have more of this arcane specialized stuff - but the chairs/dept.s also tend to have post-grad people / lecturers who take care of the high-end stuff as part of their highly specific jobs.

So... 68 people laid off. How many per cent is that of the total IT staff? What professions were laid off? Are they gonna outsource the grunts replacing broken keyboards, adding stolen mice, fixing broken Ethernet links, taking care of toner cartridges...? 68 people in university IT sounds like quite a lot... then again, my post-commie school catered for just about 1000 students per year, which might be a relatively low count, compared to universities of the western world...

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