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No questioning of facts here. More pointing out that there are a huge number of different facts to choose from, allowing every vendor to "prove" they are "number one" in one way or another. You quoted 3Par shipments and I was talking about customer numbers - these are very definitely different things. Amazon AWS would require more shipped units than anyone else (if they bought SANs), so in theory with only a single customer you could "ship the most units". That doesn't make you popular, that means you have a few good mates with massive buy in - as stated 3Par are popular with the service provider crowd who number few but buy in bulk. As also stated, in the real world, in real data centres, in customers very large and small, myself and my many colleagues at a large HP reseller very rarely see 3Par on customer sites whether in new deployment or existing system. In the UK that is.

What we do see is a boat load of EMC, Equallogic (but almost no Compellent), NetApp, Hitachi. I've even seen more deployments of Nimble in the wild than I have 3Par and I consider them to be new and pointless as a vendor (in terms of they bring nothing new).

I've nothing against 3Par, it's a pretty good SAN that's dependable and performs well but there really aren't that many customers using it.

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