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Perforce boss: ‘I’m just the cook’, flips firm to private equity


some real journalism

Most of the "stories" covering this acquisition are mere restatements of the press release, or, worse, simply quote it verbatim. In general I'm very dissatisfied with the state of web"journalism". This article at least does some independent investigation.

Still, there's a back story here that isn't being told. Maybe Christopher Seiwald will reveal more once he's left the company. (And when is that, anyway? He said he's going back to programming--does that mean inside Perforce or elsewhere? Neither he nor Perforce are saying.) If he is still in, I predict it won't last--these things never do.

What prompted this transition after all these years of being a private company? (It appears it's still private--too bad for the employees hoping to cash in their options.)

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