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The great circle jerk

I used to be surprised and angry at this sort of thing, but it's pretty much becoming the norm.

My current employer has a COO, who openly lies to the employees, and makes personnel and salary decisions, without apparently letting HR know about it (being HR they obviously do know, they just lie about it). All the rest of the senior management knows this is going on, but none of them have the stones to say anything about it.

The weird part, is that EVERYONE in the company knows it is happening. The management keep coming up with all these new initiatives to "help improve morale". These initiatives are all met with incredulous laughter by the employees, who are perfectly aware what they are. The local manager KNOWS the employees are laughing at the whole thing, but tells the head office how well the initiative was received, because telling the truth would make him look bad, or even worse, put him in a position were he would have to call out the COO in front of the CEO (the CEO of course, also knows this is going on, but trusts the COO to work it all out).

It's like a house of cards, made of lies.

It becomes more apparent to me every day, that just about anybody in a position of power these days, be it corporate, charity, government, or lynch mob, is probably a sociopath. By there very nature people of this sort strive for power for powers sake. The decent people who aim for power with the goal of actually improving the common lot, are either marginalized, or quit once they see what they are up against.

Sorry, that got way more ranty than I'd planned

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