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Uni of Manchester IT director resigns after chopping 68 people

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In some respects I feel a degree of pity for these folk that have to do this sort of work.

Half or more, in my experience, of their ilk are psychopaths; your pity is wasted because they simply wouldn't understand it.

All they do is put people out of work and destroy the morale of those left behind, both at the time because they fear for their own jobs and afterwards when they have to tidy up the mess

In cases such as the one in this article, failure [of management] seems the most relevant description, rather than redundancy.

Redundancy is a sad fact of life. Its inevitable on a long enough timeline. It should never be personal, and it should always be handled with compassion by those wielding the axe. Companies need to be able to shed staff.

However, rampant outsourcing and off-shoring as a driver for redundancies never works; it gives you a short term hit on the costs bong for one year only, and after that you've lost your capability to achieve change in your business.

If a private enterprise wants to reward the top dogs with large compensation payments, I care not. What I do care about is when that becomes decoupled from accountability, which is the situation in which we now find ourselves.

Gen Xers will be old enough to remember the last Conservative government, which was really the last time we had accountability in Britain. The rot set in quickly under Blair & Brown, and has only grown worse with time including under Cameron & Clegg. The coalition and current Conservative government have continued making matters worse. The "brazen it out until a new headline comes along" approach has its roots firmly in public life but has quickly taken over the corporate world (see Dido at TalkTalk for proof).

We need change. I just don't see how that can readily be achieved when we have a generation at the top that has never been held to account, and a generation coming into the work place that have never seen adults behave in an accountable manner in their lives.

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