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#1 prob with 4x4 vehicles: high CoG, so they roll easily. Land Rovers roll more easily than others, except Jeeps. When Jeeps (and a lot of other 4x4s) roll, they tend to do naughty things to those inside. Back when I was in the Caribbean, a certain Japanese 4x4 (not a Toyota) was known as the Kamikaze, 'cause if you rolled in it you were going to die. Meanwhile, in Land Rover land, what happens when you roll? You get out, roll it back on its wheels, put whatever spilled out of the back back in, and drive away, that's what. Captain Scarlet is what Land Rovers were. Indestructible.

i can't find it just now, but somewhere out on the Internet is video of the '60 Minutes' interview that Mike (the Hammer of God) Wallace had with the then VP in charge of Jeep for American Motors (yes, it was that long ago) wherein said VP explained that the powers at be at AMC knew damn well that Jeeps rolled a lot, that was why they put roll bars in them, and that there would never be a roll-over fatality in a Jeep if the owners of the vehicles didn't insist on removing the roll bars. Land Rovers simply didn't have that problem.

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