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All this bashing against 3D XPoint... SSD competitors?

All this bashing against 3D XPoint...are SSD competitors behind it ?

They surely must be scared because the unreliable TLC,MLC,SLC technologies will become obsolete and useless as soon as 3D XPoint hits the market.

Now many sites have started bashing the 3D XPoint claiming that Intel and Micron lied and it's all a facade and just another old technology and nothing new on the horizon...

Who would benefit from such a nonsense bashing then?

Clearly TLC, MLC, SLC manufacturers and so current SSD competitors indeed.

So is 3D XPoint really going to be pure crap and all the claims by Intel and Micron just fake? I really don't think so. If that was ever the case all this bashing wouldn't have ever appeared on the 'net all of a sudden like this....

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