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Interestingly enough the F111 ejection system is super sensitive to weight distribution. The CoG of the capsule has to be within fairly narrow bounds or it will flip out and everyone will die. As they upgraded the F111's avionics from heavy analogue systems to lighter digital ones they had to add a corresponding amount of ballast to keep the CoG right. So the capsules on later model F111's are full of ballast which is a little odd for a high performance jet. Also, there is no way of measuring the CoG of the capsule (since removing it is done with explosive cutters) so ensuring the CoG is right is purely a matter of guestimation and trying to keep track of everything that has been added and removed since it was manufactured. Needless to say crews were fairly hesitant to use it unless it was a really really dire emergency, even moreso than with Mr Martin or Mr Baker.

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