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Why a detachable cabin probably won’t save your life in a plane crash

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Ok here's the plan.

We get the folk who are mad on airships and lock them in a room with the current world champions in Origami.

They don't get to leave until they have devised a kevlar airship that can be folded into the outer shell structure of a large passenger plane.

Then we get the materials folk to design a spray-on skin that will set like carbon-fibre, yet instantly shatter into dust when an electrical current at exactly 726.23Mhz is passed through it.

Add some airbag type, super fast inflation system and a big red button in the cockpit.

You'll still head earthwards at an alarming rate, and you're not exactly going to bounce when you get there, but the huge reduction in terminal velocity coupled with the cushioning effect of the airship on impact might be just enough to save the drinks trolley.

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