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Absolutely true, they were inspired by the American jeeps and they were also inspired to change a few things. A better, lighter body that was modular and easy to adapt to different uses, more economical ( even then) and greater clearance underneath the improve off roading on rougher terrain.

I had a 1963 IIa petrol for about 8 years, I used it for work as a mechanic, towing a 2 horse box London to Wales on a number of occasions and after the October storm in '87 I used it to pull downed trees out of the road, some of which were a good three feet in diameter. 4 wheel low is awesome even in an old 54BHP IIa.

Currently I am driving a '92 Disco 1 310.000 Km on the clock, I have just changed the steering box, steering damper and rebuilt the front swivels The engine doesn't burn oil and the only leak is the rocker box cover, sooner or later they always need changing on any old car.

Slow down to about 4KPH and the box snicks freely into 4 wheel low diff lock, that will get me out of anything particularly as my tyres are Cooper Discoverys and not school run shopping trolley tyres.

Outrageously leaky Landys are usually owned by people who are too lazy to do, or have done basic maintenance.

I bought my Disco 6 years ago from a Spanish lad who was given it by his Dad who had bought a new one, neither of them had done more than put diesel in the tank , check the oil occasionally and pump the tyres up a bit, because that was all it ever needed.

Who needs a new one? Not me!

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