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Land Rover Defender dies: Production finally halted by EU rules


Sad to see another solid axle off roader cease production. No doubt a pretty IFS or IFS&IRS replacement is on its way. It will have marvellous ride characteristics on tarmac and be as useful as their other modern LR models off road.

JLR should be inspired by Land Rover's genesis to design a replacement that makes economic and practical sense for manufacturer and purchaser.

JLR should buy assembled Jeep Wrangler JK/JKU chassis/engine platforms from Chrysler and put a new design defender aluminium body on them. Plants could be setup in USA and Egypt (contracted out) and UK.

The Wrangler platform is already in EU type approved vehicles. It is also used in soft skin military vehicles. Made in more than one modern factory around the world.

Increased volume sales of JK ladder chassis platforms would benefit both Jeep/Chrysler/Fiat and JLR. I doubt that JLR would double Chrysler's platform production, but the volume sales would allow both REAL 4x4 models to remain commercially viable.

The JK Wrangler probably has the best after market for off road performance parts worldwide. Being able to bolt-on all the JK off-road and performance goodies on a new Defender would be a huge advantage for LR customers and specialist vehicle manufacturers.

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