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"If you want to go into the outback, drive a Land Rover. If you want to come back again, drive a Toyota."

this is partly because you can get spares easily for land cruisers, not so much for landies, as the locals told me when we were stranded in butt fuck nowhere for 6 weeks.

and dont even think about taking a Pajero (mitsubishi shogun - was called a shogun in europe because pajero means straw sucker in spansih which is slang for cock sucker).

we got stuck at Moreton telegraph station on the way back from successfully making it up the telegraph track to "the tip".

stuck for 6 weeks with a warped head and after much head scratching and changing of parts, a bent cam.

had to fly in parts (one plane a week) and fix it with super glue and chewing gum. ok, i made the last bit up but it was really really difficult, few tools, and if you didnt get the right part / enough parts you had to wait a week for the next delivery...

the folks we went with had a cruiser. they had zero problems, they had to rescue us soooo many times.

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