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With two fingers up to the Eurocrats, I bought a V8

I recently bought an old Series III 109 V8. I love the simplicity, the ability to repair it anywhere, the knowledge that I can go pretty much anywhere without having to worry about scratching it, or paying £1000 for a new wing, or being categorised according to what I drive.

Yes its slow, ponderous and you need to DRIVE it, not pretend to while your texting your Mum or catching up on facebook. Why the f**k do cars need to have voice free phones and texting built in? And if you can't park then you shouldn't be driving. I'm with Clarkson - the steering wheel should have a big spike in it, not an airbag, perhaps people would take driving seriously then...

This old beast is greener than any new car too - its carbon footprint has long since been covered simply by not requiring further precious resources, and certainly no toxic heavy metals as needed by the new electric/hybrid vehicles. 'What about the emissions from the V8 engine?' I hear you cry. It runs on LPG which is cleaner than any petrol fuelled engine and has less carcinogens in its exhaust than diesel emissions.

The classic Landrover is dead. Long live the Landrover.

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