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"... by today's standards it is also monumentally uncomfortable, slow and unwieldy. It's out-of-date, basically."

All untrue.


I have a 1990 Defender 110CSW; every summer for the last few years I have driven it to France on our family holiday. This is normally a 600 mile trip, give or take. I normally have to make one fuel stop, and this is our only stop (other than the Chunnel); at the end of the drive I get out as comfortable as I got into it, and I'm in my mid-50s, so uncomfortable it isn't.


Mine will do 70 comfortably, although to avoid using large amounts of diesel I tend to cruise at 60. Still not the slowest car on the road by a long chalk.


Even my 110 will comfortably turn in three points on a normal width street without mounting the kerb, a 90 will do so with ease.

So I'm guessing you've never actually owned or driven one.

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