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The only way is down for NetApp, HPE and IBM storage – study

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"Shipping lots of something doesn't mean it's in widespread use"

Tell that to EMC & Netapp, yes there will always be legacy kit hanging around the data centre after all, those vendors have been shipping the same kit for 20+ years. Basing your argument on counting badges alone is reaching a conclusion based on the past and doesn't reflect the present which is an ever growing market share for 3PAR.

Don't believe me ? Then ask your vendor of choice for the industry numbers.

I also know of many service providers running 3PAR but I don't deal with them directly and that's just common knowledge of where 3PAR was originally targetted. What I do see today is an ever growing list of financial, commercial and public sector customers and most of those are takeouts of incumbent vendors rather than existing HP storage customers.

But maybe your just not as vendor neutral as you're suggesting, if you really were then you'd be selling lots of 3PAR just like the rest of the independents and if you aren't then you're doing yourself and more importantly your Customers a disservice.

Despite the hand waving you can't turn back the tide.

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