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But at heart, it is just tools and methods

>>- automate your server/app/<whatever> builds.

Devs have been doing that since forever. From a BAT/shell script to compile and link everything to BitBake/BuildRoot to assemble the entire "server" image - including recompiling (or cross compiling) the linux kernel and everything else from source where needed.

TDD and unit tests aren't new either (SUnit - 1998) and you can host config scripts in Subversion or even (shudder) Visual Source Safe!

Having said that, I think some of the skepticism is due to the DevOps cheerleaders not clearly articulating the market they are aiming at. Apparently because they don't realise other segments exist.

They writing for a world where everyone is building InstaSnapTwitBook, obsessed with "teh shiny" over quality, where bugs don't kill people, melt down $250k machines or require expensive re-certification. This isn't obscure stuff. Rolling out new firmware for a tablet or phone works that way. That's why there is so much dodgy old Android still out there (and why it's so weird these Gitters don't "get it").

In my world Devs write firmware for microcontrollers/embedded Linux SBCs and Ops oversee burning the resultant images to thousands of devices that get shipped out and installed in some hard to access places - often with no TCP/IP connections. We have some trivial edge cases where web browsers, cellphones and javascript are relevant, but not many. We call it M2M, hipsters call it IoT and if one brings this "release now, fix it later" (MTTR) mindset to the field you get FUBAR.

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