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IBM Rational ClearCase? Really???

If there was ever a product that did not conform to any notion of stability, usability or simplicity then CC would be it, no? Contrast with git, for example.

I wonder why it's quoted here as anything but as a bad example. Maybe it was meant as part of the 'vendor BS' demos?

And I agree with Lysenko about the production beta bit. It's all fine and dandy for twitter or facebook instances to fall down on their butt and get replaced, hopefully invisibly. Not quite the same when your messy code has been installed on someone else's machines.

DevOps is a great idea, and it can be used to improve quality by speeding up test cycles. Or production web deployments in appropriate cases. But it doesn't really help if the code has shipped/been installed with errors in it - it just makes recovery hopefully somewhat less painful.

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