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Robot Revolution

There's basically 2 ways this will go down tbh.

1) The threat of robots forces wages down enough that robots don't justify their capital costs, so we continue as before but with even higher unemployment. This is pretty much all that has prevented robots from going mainstream prior to now. We have had industrial robots for over 50 years, and the main thing stopping them from general use was that poor people in the global South are cheaper.

2) We actually roll them out wherever possible. Literally everyone is now unemployed aside from the super-rich who own the robots and a very tiny cluster of attractive people who mostly feed them grapes or sleep with them. Society collapses and everyone kills and eats the 1%.

The attendees at Davos are delighted by the former but terrified of the latter. The problem is, we've started to reach a stage where wages don't have any more space to fall, and robots are getting cheaper all the time. Hence Schwab's pants-wetting terror.

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