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In the Worlds of Live Operational Virtual Environments, ......

IT WareFare is All about Astute Fabless Future Applied Intelligence Resourced Systems. Such are certainly the Contemporary Competition and Almighty Opposition

Another movie star, Kevin Spacey, was also there, trying to find someone rich enough to bail out Relativity Studios ….. His pitch was all Hollywood but aimed at Northern California: "In the next few years Silicon Valley is going to much more involved in content. I would not be surprised if a big tech company would buy a studio," he told reporters.

Or, if dodgy houses of marked cards and ye olde established operating system networks are to sort of survive, albeit with their leaderships fundamental changed, a moving bigger picture production studio would be much smarter buying into a Future Machined Virtual Reality Mining Operation, where everything is known beforehand and transparently freely shared to product place Superb Beta Future Derivative Content into Existence and Novel Life Phorms. They do exist out there. Of that you can be sure and assured and reassured.

And that aint no Fourth Industrial Revolution when it's Simply Made Complex IT and a Quantum MetaDataBase Evolution.

And there are myriad enough easy stories for the likes of a Relativity Studio to ....... well, Self-Actuate and Driver/Energise. If you've got the time, Kevin, space cadets of the here and there everywhere now have the know how.

After all, if you don't believe it to be so with Simply Made Complex IT, call it out and Challenge IT to Magically Deliver. IT aint rocket science, is it, and you're bound to discover some real crazy secrets which will blow you right away.

PS One does wonder about the lack of Creative Direction in the BBC. Are they as Cuckold to Corrupting Forces and Perverted Sources?

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