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Fourth Industrial Revolution?

No. It's a gradual process that started in late 17th C. Accelerated in 1760s, Electrification and Electrical Communication accelerating since 1831, enabled by Volta's 1799 batteries. A huge acceleration in Victorian Age, which is really the birth of Electrical Age.

We are still in the overlapping Steam age, think how gas, coal, oil, waste, nuclear and even future fusion makes electricity? Large industrial solar plants may use mirrors and steam to make electricity too.

There is no 4th revolution, Automation is a gradual process that started with Jacquard Loom, then automated manufacturing in 1930s. From 1970s the micro-controller became increasingly dominant.

Web sales of physical goods is the Victoria Mail Order Catalogue with faster ordering (online) and only faster delivery from China etc, local delivery can be slower than Victorian Railways + Ferries (English Channel and Irish Sea).

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