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Audio effects plugins for OSX and/or iTunes

This is a long shot, but does anyone here know of a way to simulate vinyl record-type crackle/rumble/hiss effects in realtime while playing music on OSX? I mean, from iTunes/VLC or similar app, not as part of a dedicated $$$ audio editing suite.

Apparently iTunes has a plugin architecture, but my google-fu isn't good enough to find anything that's relevant. Ditto for VLC; their plugin site is a barren wasteland.

A long long time ago, I used an applet called Izotope Vinyl. Can't even remember if it was on Windows or OSX, but it had presets for different speeds and even eras of playback equipment - select "1960s" or "45rpm" for example and it would tweak the audio to sound appropriate - boosting/reducing frequencies and introducing rumble/skipping/scratching/dust artifacts.

That plugin's been discontinued by the manufacturer, although it can still be found from various sketchy download sites. It doesn't seem to work on more recent versions of OSX, though. Damn shame, because it's exactly what I need.

I'm wondering if there's something equivalent. Anyone have any ideas?

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