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@jake "Sarah Palin is backing the Trumpet". Yes I had a look at it too but I just wasn't able to take it for more than about 2min when I realized she would go on and on. What was fairly obvious was that TA hasn't got much of a poker face unless he is at the "helm" himself. But while money doesn't smell nor do votes.

However, some time ago I had a look, on Youtube, at a discussion about evolution and our brains. The boffin was asked if our brains are all similar. So how did he respond. "On this side we have brains like Einstein's and on the other side we have Sarah Palin's" using his left and right arm. The audience got it, no doubt about that.

But when I have read all these comments. including my own, and I think, and believe, there is some sound combination of sarcasm and attempts towards humour in most the comments, it's also obvious that a reader might find the same comments ill spirited and rude. Especially when we write about topics like politics and religion.

The fart, however, compared to both Palin and Trump, is more rewarding, interesting and normal.

Years ago I took my old father home from a good dinner with the appropriate amount of brandy, top floor. In the crowded elevator down, he had to let it out, loud and clear with all possible spices. Oh my deity that was terrific, the damn elevator become the slowest moving object in the universe. I felt so damned embarrassed, but then I looked at his face and I realized there was still some guts left in him, he was silently smiling. We get softer when getting older, and so is that damn multipurpose muscle down there controlling important output. Intelligent design, not.

In a situation like that, what you do is to turn your head and shout "who did that". Works every time, I do it all the time given an opportunity. Escalators are rather rubbish, better down than up then, however.

And as they say, people need people, farting alone is a wast of joy.

What, this was about Apple.

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