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It's a lovely idea but it's flawed.


Bringing back industry that's better done elsewhere is a stupid idea, utterly pointless.

The sad fact of life is that jobs only exist to make profit, if they don't make a profit then the workers might as well go home and wait for a handout to land in their bank account, it doesn't matter if it's in the form of JSA or government subsidy to the comapny they work for (and I'd rather it was to them directly, subsidy also lines the shareholder's pockets)

What needs to happen is we become innovators, create new industry, new products, ones that can't be made cheaper elsewhere.

And we need to keep on doing that because sooner or later China, India, Africa, wherever the newest developing economy is, will catch us up and gain the ability to make last year's new products, pushing us on the same old merry go round of subsidy, redundancy and collapse.

This is why I will always argue the case for places like visitor centres at Jodrell Bank, Tim Peake's ISS mission, etc. etc. not because they're 'geek cool' (they are, hellishly so) but because they inspire people to do things, to want to become scientists, techies etc...

Nothing more depressing than 'six generations of this family were xyz workers', that's saying you're a drone, no ambition, no drive, no future for your kids and if a town has 'traditional industry' then sorry, it's going to die.

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