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"If the UK government were to ban Trump from even entering the country purely on the basis of the man's opinions, no matter how ignorant or misguided, this would be such a blatant violation of said freedom that Trump's lawyers would have a field day suing the UK over it."

Uh... no, it wouldn't.

The UK bans hundreds of people from visiting the country every year based on their opinion of Islamic doctrine. You have no guaranteed human right to enter a country where you don't have citizenship, and if they say 'no, you're not coming here in trainers' then you're not going to get far in court. Especially since Trump's remarks can be construed as hate speech, which is in violation of UK laws.

I agree that banning him from entering for saying the US should ban people from entering would be kind of self-defeating, though, and the correct recourse is to defeat him in a reasoned debate. If only the Republican primary candidates had anyone capable of reasoned debate, we wouldn't still be getting 20 Trump stories a week. Trump's campaign mostly works through using the standard tactics that the GOP has favoured over the last decade or so against them.

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