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It's undoubtedly true that workers in China are paid a lot less than those in Merryka, In 2014 Foxconn paid US$370 / month to it's workers ( The minimum wage in the US is US$7.25, corresponding to $1257 / month for a 40 hour week (7.25*40*52/12 - though workers in china work a lot more hours than that)

However, Apple has plenty of spare billions and could afford to eat the additional cost (and the additional US tax it would pay), or raise prices a little and accept slightly lower sales.

The real problem is going to be finding 1,500,000 american workers skilled/trainable in microelectronic assembly who aren't otherwise employed, not to mention, say, 100 enormous factories for them to work in. Foxconn's revenues are 131 billion, and it's taken 40 years to get to the scale that they are at now.

You can't force Apple to do the impossible.

Anyway, chances are that President Trump will have started a nuclear war long before Apple can finish even one factory

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