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As I have had Rootes group vehicles, this does resonate a little, but Chrysler UK did go bump and Peugeot took over the remains. They did not have to keep the whole lot open, but the rot set in when they stopped making the Rootes designs (The Alpine and Horribleison were total rubbish compared to the Avengers and Sunbeams)

Sad but unexpected, but no worries, the modern Peugeots are not inspiring cars. Ssd for jobs and the rallying division, but going to French ownership whould screw things up.

Ellesmere Port

No idea why this cut back as my last GM car had an engine from there depite the car being assembled in Germany. But I look at a modern GM car and think - where did it go wrong? Nothing about them to make me want to buy one.


UK steel is high quality but not cheap, other comapies buying steel go for cheapest.

British made steel is still used on the railways, by JLR.


My current car was made there

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