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Can't stand that buffoon either. He is stands for everything I hate.

a) Unilateral disarmanent, b) Argentinian claims to British territory, c) no strike controls, d) anti private school just to name a few.

a) MAD worked and will keep fat little shit from launching one if he ever gets beyond launching washing machines

b) It is the islanders decision not that idiots

c) sympathy strikes, why should a company suffer strikes when there is no dispute?

d) The parents still pay for state schooling - ever heard of freedom of choice?

They have quite a few decent people in their party and they chose THAT! A couple of years ago Alan Johnson would have been a good choice, always comes over well on TV. Now their best choice is Hillary Benn.

Yes the far left socialists like Corbyn, but the rest of us, no bl00dy way.

Oh and don't get me started on Camerons replacement, but when Boris is BEST choice hmmmm.

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