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"Meanwhile, the vast majority that actually vote with their emotions"

Indeed. Trump appeals to the section of society who believes in the quick fix, the gut feeling, who don't like those book-learnin' types, with their facts and their understanding things.

It's enough to make noise, but doesn't hit the 48%-odd that you need to win an election. In a multi-candidate field he can lead, because all of these type of people are drawn to him, leaving all other candidates to fight it out amongst the crazies of different stripes: the ueber-Christians foaming at the mouth for Ben Carson; those who want a woman, regardless of her abilities or attitudes, who go for Carly Fiorina; there's Ted Cruz, the thinking man's idiot, who appears to have the most reactionary position possible on almost every issue; Marco Rubio, the thinking man's slightly-less-of-an-idiot, who sounds positively liberal compared to the others around him, which detracts from his being one of the most conservative senators in the country; the rest, who don't matter.

None of these people can win in a contest where non-Republicans are allowed to vote.

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