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Trump's new thought bubble: Make Apple manufacture in the USA

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Anonymous Coward

If the American people want to put their trust in The Donald

They should be able to do so, and they can.

I would really like to see him try this and see where he ends up. Apple is a fine candidate to pull this fast one on, because their margins are high, and they have a lot of cash parked abroad. Best case, they continue to design the same quality and style of product they do now, only at lower margines.

Don't think they can't do it. We Always like to compare build quality of your average Ford to a Benz S-Class and say 'look, they couldn't build a quality car if they tried', but I assure you there are many, many very fine quality American designed and built products out there.

If course, the Chinese won't stand for it, and will start levying serious coin on the US produced phones, or denying them access to their market altogether. And possibly start punishing US companies still producing un China.

It would be quite interesting to watch it unfold.

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