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He's Negging

"America is a poor nation... nobody respects us.....we can't defeat ISIS,....we're for sale on the cheap....America has fat hips....nobody will date her"!

It sounds like negging, the trick of insulting a woman to lower her expectations so she will lower her standards. And you can see the Liberty uni lot lapping it up! Negging works folks, whether its a man with nothing to offer a woman, or a man with nothing to offer a country!

US is the number #1 wealthy country. The reason it has no employment is because that wealth is tied up in the top 1% as unproductive monetary assets invested abroad. If you move money down into the middle classes, then it will be used to open shops and factories.

They can't move property offshore, but they can sell it to an offshore holding company, which is why land is turned into a money asset that can be shipped offshore driving up the property prices. (i.e. Trumps money source).

Is the plan to defeat ISIS? I thought the plan was to arm the Syrian Rebels, and use ISIS as cover. Then Russia got involved, started *also* bombing ISIS, while really bombing the rebels. So now we're bombing ISIS, Russia is bombing the rebels, so that Assad will win. And we're so wrapped in our bullshit lies that we keep on this path but only half heartedly. At the end 'chemical weapons' Assad ends up in power, the man whose atrocities created the extremism! Putin will be laughing I guess.

Take a look at where most of the red (Russian) air strikes are:

Trump? He seems to have a very thin understanding of this, and combing over the issue won't fix it.

But hey, nuanced understandings of complex situations don't win elections!..... You fat ugly slag America!

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