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Stop, look, listen: Don't be 2016's DevOps roadkill – here's how to survive


I think the problem with the devops articles that El Reg has been putting up for the last few months is the fact they don't really know what it is, which is good as most of the comments show the same.

I have been in devops now for 10 years, from before we called it devops (release team used to work fine). The niche has changed somewhat over the last 3 or 4 years as it got more fashionable, but it still carries out the same function: build stuff, test stuff and deploy stuff the same way for each SKU you are dealing with.

Sounds easy, right? Well it was until you had Dev teams all over the world using different SCM (if they used any). Then there is the project management aspect. Most PM'S used to be very creative with their estimates, devops helps them tell the truth, amongst other things. So now you need to link the results of the build to a project ticket that is hopefully in Jira, or similar.

Then its off for test configuration etc, and that's even before you build the environment prior to starting the deployment, read salt and ansible there (my current favourite is saltstack).

This is all a gross over simplification of it all, of course. Would live it if the reg actuality spoke to some devops people as the basis for an article

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